Integrity FAQ for Faculty

How do I get procedural info about academic honesty?

Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure

Western just transitioned from Turnitin to Vericite Plagiarism Detection software. What do I need to know now?

Links with help about this change can be found at

How can I create a culture of Academic Integrity in my class?

Great information can be found on the Teaching Handbook at the Academic Integrity page.

A student violated the policy in my class but it was a minor violation. 
Do I have to report it?

Yes! If you took any punitive action you must report it. Reporting the incident does several things that support both you and the student. First, this allows us to determine when events are second offenses, for which the student must go before the Academic Honesty Board. Second, when you report the incident it sets into motion a formal process that also provides the student the opportunity for representation and appeal.

A student violated the policy in my class but I dealt with it on my own. 
Do I have to report it?

See above--yes, you must report the incident so that there is an official record of the event, and so the student has an opportunity for representation and appeal.

If I report a student for cheating will it go on their transcript or other permanent records?

No. This record stays with the student only during their WWU career so that we know if the student commits a second violation. There is no information put on the student’s transcript, or in any other context that would follow the student after graduation, except in special circumstances, including but not limited to subpoenas for full records or releases.

What should I include in my class/syllabus in order to increase integrity/reduce cheating?

Our Integrity Resources webpage has suggestions for text you may wish to include in your syllabus. We also have a PowerPoint that you may use or modify that discusses plagiarism and integrity. It is important to have frank discussions with your class to explain the expectations and consequences of violating the Academic Honesty Policy.

I am having trouble navigating this new policy, help!

Western recently updated the Academic Honesty Policy and have changed it to the standard University Policy format and language. The new policy goes into effect in September 2017. In order to help students, staff, and faculty navigate the new policy, we have created a great website with flowcharts and step-lists for navigating the new policy. Find it here: Academic Resources for Students.

Who can I go to if I need more support?

Please feel free to contact members of the WCI for any questions you have regarding integrity and academic honesty. Other resources for faculty include the Registrar’s Office or the Office of the Provost.