Integrity FAQ for Students

How do I get procedural info about academic honesty?

Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure

Is this Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as stealing the words or ideas of others and presenting them as your own. If you copy information or phrasing created by someone else without proper credit and attribution, this is a form of plagiarism. Information on what does and does not constitute plagiarism may be found at the Plagiarism Policies and Guidelines page.

Additional great resources can be found at ATUS's plagiarism page and at Teaching Handbook: Academic Integrity page.

I violated the policy and my professor reported it. Will this go on my transcript?

No. While information about the violation is kept on record at WWU it does not appear on your transcript and will not be visible to external organizations such as employers or graduate schools. There are unique cases in which records could be released, and clarification should be sought from the Registrar’s Office.

Does my professor have to report every violation?

Yes, while it can be uncomfortable, violations do need to be reported, for several reasons. The most important reason is that it allows you due process and an ability to appeal. Also, it is university policy to report violations of the Academic Honesty Policy.

What do I do if I have been accused of committing a violation and want to file an appeal?

Review the Appealing Academic Honesty Violations procedures. It involves filling out an e-sign form with appropriate documentation and information. You can learn more about this process at Academic Resources for Students.

I am having trouble navigating this new policy, help!

Western recently updated the Academic Honesty Policy and have changed it to the standard University Policy format and language. The new policy goes into effect in September 2017. In order to help students, staff, and faculty navigate the new policy, we have created a great website with flowcharts and step-lists for navigating the new policy. Check it out at Academic Resources for Students.

What can I do if I have concerns about a fellow student cheating?

The best thing to do is to address your concerns with the student directly and then inform the instructor. But if you feel uncomfortable doing this you can first reach out to your teacher or to a member of the WCI.

Who can I ask if I have questions about academic honesty?

Please feel free to contact members of the WCI for any questions you have regarding integrity and academic honesty. Other resources for students include the Office of Student Life, the Registrar’s Office, or the Office of the Provost