Data Sources

Academic Fact Book

The Fact Book answers the most frequently asked questions about WWU and is intended to support institutional planning and evaluation. All of the tabs at the top of the website except Internal Reports are available to anyone. The Internal Reports tab is available to deans, department chairs, and other authorized academic officers (login required). The Fact Book is a compilation of basic information including:

  • Student enrollment: Student profiles, enrollment and retention trends, for state and non-state funded students. Faculty: Faculty profiles, headcounts, full-time equivalency.
  • Courses: Student credit hours production, class sizes, historical comparisons.
  • Degree production: Degrees awarded, graduated student profile, degree trends.

Overall Metrics

The following data track Western Washington University’s progress towards meeting its Goals and Core Themes as outlined in the strategic plan.

If you have questions about the data or have difficulty accessing it, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of Institutional Effectiveness at Western Washington University is to facilitate effective data-driven decision making by creating and providing accurate data collections, performing integrating analysis and research, and advocating for data quality and integrity.

Student Learning Outcomes

In addition to Master Assessment Plans and Assessment & Improvement Reports, this page also includes links to mission statements, home pages, and other sites related to the assessment of student learning outcomes.