Portrait of Brent in Sport CoatProvost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Brent Carbajal, (360-650-3547)


Dr. Carbajal earned his BA from Lewis & Clark College and his MA and PhD from the University of Washington. He has been at Western since 1997, serving as a professor of Spanish and for eight years as chair of the University’s Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs since 2013, he also served as Dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences from 2008-2013. Prior to Western, he was an assistant and associate professor of Spanish at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He has published widely in the areas of Latin American literature and culture and Hispanic-American literature and culture.


Melinda Assink, Assistant to the Provost (360-650-3547)

Elissa Hicks, AM Receptionist for the President & Provost Offices (360-650-3480)

Will Ruth, PM Receptionist for the President & Provost Offices (360-650-3480)


Brian Burton PortraitAssociate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Brian Burton (360-650-3389)​



Ichi Kwon, Director for Academic Budget and Administration (360-650-6837)

Austin Cooper, Faculty Relations Manager (360-650-3915)

Mark Okinaka, Senior Academic Budget and Finance Analyst (360-650-3729)

Jenny Sidwell, Management Analyst (360-650-3509)


Chuck Lanham PortraitVice Provost for Information Technology/CIO

Chuck Lanham (360-650-3917)



Diane Bateman, Administrative Assistant (360-650-3917)


Steve VanderStaay PortraitVice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Steven VanderStaay (360-650-3004)​


Gary McKinney, Analyst (360-650-3409)

Rebecca McLean, Fiscal Specialist (360-650-6607)


Gautam Pillay PortraitVice Provost for Research/Dean of the Graduate School

Gautam Pillay (360-650-2884)


Connie Hernandez, Administrative Secretary to the Vice Provost for Research/Dean of the Graduate School (360-650-2884)


Sue Guenter-Schlesinger PortraitVice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity ADA and Title IX Coordinator

Sue Guenter-Schlesinger (360-650-3307)



Lynae Rickman, Manager, Equal Opportunity Compliance (360-650-3307)


Earl Gibbons PortraitVice Provost for Extended Education

Earl F. Gibbons (360-650-4446)


Mary McLachlan, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost for Extended Education (360-650-3308)


Additional Provost Office Staff

Office for Institutional Effectiveness (Institutional Research and Survey Research)

John Krieg, Director of Institutional Effectiveness 

Beth Hartsoch, Research Analyst, Survey Research

Chris Stark, Research Associate, Survey Research

Ming Zhang, Director of Institutional Research (360-650-4454)

Sharon Schmidtz, Assistant Director of Institutional Research (360-650-3087)

Kristen Stouder, Analyst, Institutional Research (360-650-2565)


Space Administration


Francis Halle, Director of Space Administration & Management (360-650-3222)

Ellen Kuhlmann, Data Compiler 3 (360-650-3935)