Hybrid Modality for Spring & Summer 2022

Per the Memorandum of Understanding between WWU and UFWW for the Spring and Summer 2022, all faculty members can choose instructional modality, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote. Faculty who choose in-person or hybrid modalities do not need to seek approval. However you should inform our course scheduling team of intent to to teach in a hybrid modality using the Hybrid Course Information Form.

The current definition of hybrid approved by the Faculty Senate is as follows:
“Instructional time is divided between face-to-face and online (in-person meetings are required, but less face-to-face time is included in the regular course schedule, replaced by alternative instructional methods including online instruction). At least 25 percent of instructional time should be scheduled face-to-face.”

Faculty will make requests for modality changes for Spring by 4 February 2022. Those for Summer should be made by 18 April 2022.