Past Spratlan Grant Award Recipients


Deborah Hanuscin and Natalie Newman, Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Cases for Equity and Inclusion

Mai Sas, Susan DeBari, and Bernie Housen, Geology

  • Improving Equity and Inclusion in Geoscience

Hope Corbin, Health and Community Sciences

  • Black Lives Matter at School: Woodring College of Education Week of Action

Pam Kuntz, Theatre and Dance

  • WWU Dances


Nick Galati, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez, Marion Brodhagen, Jim Cooper, Craig Moyer and Lynn Pillitteri, Biology

  • Inclusion via Outreach by Students and Faculty


Jack Herring and Anna Blick, Fairhaven

  • Fairhaven College Diversity Recruitment Efforts: Creating Visible College Access to Interdisciplinary Educational Pathways for Latinx Students in Washington State


Lina Dahlberg, Biology

  • Promoting systemic change in STEM through continuing working groups in Intersections: Inclusion, Science, and Society


Kristin Denham, English

Anne Lobeck, English

  • The WWU Linguistic Diversity Project: Western Talks

A. Longoria, Secondary Education

  • Justice Speaks Series Presents: "I Am a Teacher": Teacher Voices Speak Back to the Academy


AB Brown, Fairhaven

  • Emplaced Inclusion -- Rooting Diversity in Social Practice Performance


Neal Tognazzini, Philosophy

  • Educating Educators: An Approach to Diversifying the Philosophy Curriculum

Sean Bruna, Anthropology

  • Social Network Analysis of Informal Mentoring Among Underrepresented Students and Faculty at WWU


Maria McLeod, Journalism

  • Students of WWU: A Diversity Project

Janelle Leger and Regina Barber Degraaff, Physics and Astronomy

  • STEM Access and Inclusion -- A Partnership between Western Washington University (WWU) and the Northwest Indian College (NWIC)