Seventh Memorandum of Understanding between Western Washington University and United Faculty of Western Washington University

A signed copy of the MOU can be found here

As a response to the vaccination mandate, this MOU address safety conditions for Fall 21, as the university makes the transition back to F2F instruction. For Fall 21, the current plan is for the total ratio of all classes F2F is projected to be about 2/3. The plan is to be 100% back in person starting Winter quarter.

  1. Faculty can choose instructional modality, whether in person, remote, or hybrid, for Fall 21. Faculty who teach in person can change modality at any time should they develop health concerns for themselves or their families.
  2. Faculty who choose to teach remotely in Fall 2021 but, after registration, decide to teach in-person may do so, provided an appropriate room is available. Any faculty member whose change in modality results in extra faculty work will be compensated according to MOU# 6-Fall Workload.
  3. The University will comply with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) recommendations for maintaining healthy buildings, including maximizing fresh air intake, minimizing cross-flow of air in occupied spaces, and optimizing system filtration to the greatest extent possible. The university will provide all available data on: (1) real-time monitoring of supply air and exhaust rates on all air handlers to ensure that ASHRAE standards for supply air are achieved, (2) the approximately 130 CO2 monitoring points in building supply air systems to ensure air provided to large sections of buildings contains sufficient outside air (OSA), and (3) the approximately 100 CO2 monitoring points in individual lecture halls and GUC's to verify that the overall ventilation strategy is effective. This data will be provided by September 10, 2021 (via a webpage or email) and will be updated if the ASHRAE recommendation is not met. The University will continue the use of MERV 13 air filters where system design and operating capacity allows and complete routine scheduled maintenance of all HV AC systems to ensure proper operation. Any building or room or group of rooms that falls below the ASHRAE recommendations will be taken oftline or marked as for limited use. For buildings without supply air systems, the University will implement sitespecific solutions by September 10, 2021.
  4. The University will provide faculty with vaccination rate information for their classes 1 week prior to the first day of class and will update that information if it changes during the course of the quarter.
  5. On September 3rd, the University will provide faculty with vaccination rate information for their assigned office location/building. Faculty may request from the Provost's Office vaccination rate information for other buildings and locations on campus.
  6. The University will review each vaccination card submitted for appropriate vaccine lot numbers, administration dates, and vaccine clinic locations. Any card not meeting these criteria will be rejected and the student or employee will be asked to resubmit through WA State My IR system.
  7. Faculty will not be required to clean/disinfect rooms or elements of instructional spaces. The University will follow all health guidance and best practices with regards to cleaning and sanitation.
  8. Faculty will have access to their workspaces even if they teach remotely. Faculty will have full access to offices in Fall 2021 assuming state guidance permits.
  9. The University will provide supplies and equipment; including disposable masks, disinfectant, and disinfectant wipes in departmental spaces and classrooms. These materials will be restocked as needed upon notification ...
  10. The University will make COVID-19 testing available on a voluntary basis to vaccinated faculty, including rapid antigen testing if possible on campus. If not possible, the University will provide transportation to the voluntary testing site as necessary.
  11. The University will provide information on local vaccine availability upon request. 1
  12. The University will provide faculty with template language to include in course syllabi informing students about the policies and procedures in place for COVID safety in Fall 2021. This language will be sent to faculty via email by September 3, 2021.