Third Memorandum of Understanding between Western Washington University and United Faculty of Western Washington University

A signed version of the MOU can be found here

In response to the on-going Covid-19 health crisis, the UFWW and the University administration agree to temporarily modify the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as outlined below:

Student Course Evaluations

During Fall 2020 faculty will provide opportunities for students to complete evaluation for all sections. Due to the continued disruptions caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, faculty will have the option to include student course evaluations conducted in Fall 2020 in their teaching portfolios for probationary review, tenure and promotion, and post-tenure review. They will have no negative impact on the outcome of the review in light of the most exceptional conditions under which they were conducted. (See Sections of the CBA.)

Cancelled Presentations of Research and Creative Activity

Faculty who were invited to present their research or creative activity during Fall 2020 shall receive full credit for doing so in their future faculty reviews, despite the event being cancelled due to COVID-19.

Signed and dated this 21 day of September 2020.